Sunday, March 14, 2010

Welcome to the Rescue Dog of the Day site!

I decided that this would be a great way to showcase a special dog each day.  I hope that people will submit dogs that need homes. They may be in foster care or in a shelter.  There are some rules for submission:

1.  There must be a good clear photo that isn't 2 feet by 2 feet.  If you don't know how to make your photos smaller, ask a computer person, it's not that hard to resize them.  The photo must be appealing, if it is not a good photo, no one will contact you on this dog.  If the photo is really good, your foster dog has a better chance of me choosing him for Rescue Dog of the Day.

2.  The dog must be in rescue.  That means no breeder placements.  This is not Craigslist.  Go post there.

3.  For the title, I will need the dog's name, breed or probable breed mixture, and location of the dog.

4.  Please type a paragraph or two about the dog, what he likes, what the personality is like, what sex the dog is.  All dogs placed here must be neutered.  No names can be mentioned of the previous owner.

5.  If you are associated with a rescue organization, please give the website.  I will also need your first name and your email address.  I will not post phone numbers.

6.  If there is a rehoming fee, please state what that is.

7.  Please don't send me information, photos, etc in bits and pieces.  Everything must be in one email.

8.  I may place more criteria here as I see it is needed.

9.  Submit your emails to:  corgirescue at hughes dot net

Thank you for submitting your dogs!   If they are adopted, PLEASE let me know so I can put ADOPTED on their special day!

And please feel free to post and to follow us, too!

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