Sunday, March 14, 2010

Simon, Pembroke Corgi - 03/14/2010 Cheboygan, Michigan

Simon is the corgi at the top of the photo, with the one ear down.  He is what is known as a "fluffy", a long coated corgi (so is the other one in the picture).  Simon is about 8 years old and was given up because of avoidance behaviors he was exhibiting with a toddler.  The kid would not leave him alone.

He has never bitten anyone, but really doesn't like little kids.  He is a happy and busy boy, very friendly and engaged.  He came from a well known kennel in the midwest that does not take back dogs that they have bred.  His background and pedigree is mostly English dogs, that is where he gets those adorable eyes from.  Simon comes when he is called only when he feels like it.  He will need to be walked on a leash and he will need a securely fenced yard.  He gets along with the other corgis here and seems to mostly ignore the cats.  He likes people and is a love sponge.  

His greatest joy in life is food and care must be taken to keep the weight off of him.  He loves chew bones and marrow bones which I fill with chicken and freeze for him.  He is good about bathing and grooming.  Simon is neutered.  Simon is very hairy.  Corgis shed, although I feel that there is less actual hair around because he MUST be brushed regularly.  He carries a fairly heavy coat and it will mat.

Rehoming Fee will be a donation to Corgiaid.  See 

If you would like to inquire about Simon, please write to kallista at hughes dot net.

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